O2B Services was originally started back in 2006 as Outsource2Brockville Limited. The company was formed to provide outsourced Development Services for a Travel and Incentive firm in Toronto. The company successfully delivered several key projects for this major founding client and later was contracted to support and develop technology solutions for manufacturing and medical research. Over time, the owner moved from Brockville to a new residence in the Ottawa Valley. The operating name was eventually changed to provide less emphasis on a location but on what businesses were actually doing. The adjustment to the name was to provide a summary of the winning formula, Outsource 2 Barnaby (O2B) Services.

O2B Services is owned and operated by Barnaby Hobsbawn. Mr. Hobsbawn has successfully run this business for 15 years sometimes in a full time capacity and other times strictly in a consulting role. O2B Services has and continues to use a wide variety of contractors and employees with the skills and experience necessary to support the Technology needs of its customers.

Who are O2B’s clients? We are proud to still provide technology services for our founding client, with numerous other organizations, such as automotive repair shops, manufacturing plants, medical research organizations and many other small business owners.

Why do our customers keep using our services? Put simply, we really make technology work for our customers. Its not always about being at the latest version or being in the cloud. While those strategies can offer some advantages for organizations the key is to evaluate what level will support a business and provide a sustainable value proposition. We at O2B Services focus on that formula. What level of technology best fits your company so you can be competitive.