Its been my experience that its not the latest technology or the most advanced Tech that wins. Its the organizations that can get the most out of the technology they already have for the longest period of time. Why do I make that statement? Even a few years ago a person would still see some businesses with some old unix terminal doing something they needed. I can’t tell you how many times I had to go into my archives to find an old Windows version (NT 3.5) or search eBay for some old equipment to replace parts on some legacy unit. Why do organizations do this? Well to put a new unit in can cost thousands if not hundreds of thousands. New regulations, permits and a host of other rules apply when you change something in a business. So the old line still applies, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. But when it comes to technology you might also add, “and if it does break, get spare parts so you can fix it not replace it”.
Now all that said, sometimes when you evaluate a solution, there may be key advantages to upgrading. Sometimes the fear of change prevents people from being open to how a new solution might actually be more efficient. It really comes down to ensuring you do the math, to see which direction provides the best cost\benefit ratio. More time on evaluating and planning leads to better profitability when it comes to technology.

Technology What’s the winning formula!!

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