So when it comes to creating your own patch cables. The below diagram will help. You will need a Network cable Crimper and CAT 5/6 Ends.

Some tips that can help when you build cables.

TIP #1

Typically the Crimper will have a guide for how much of the cable to unshield. It will help if you unshield a bit more than the guide suggests. Once you get the cables ordered, you can trim the extra at that point.

TIP #2

Use a Network Cable Tester to always verify the cable. Nothing worse than making a cable and then when you go to use it, its not working.

TIP #3

If you are running a long cable, always run two or three. This will solve a lot of problems, if one gets damaged.

CAT5/CAT6 Wiring Diagram – How to create a CAT5/CAT6 Patch Cable?